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Am I dreaming or awake?
Spirituality v. Religion
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The Seventh Moon
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
You don't have to be religious to be spiritual
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Topic: Spirituality v. Religion
For some time now, in terms of weeks, I have been feeling a bit agnostic about my beliefs. There is a mystic and a scientist inside my head who have been constantly duking it out. Usually I can keep the two separated but lately they have been yelling over the fence at each other and have even taken a couple of swings. I knew that if I didn't do something quickly, they might start throwing rocks. And Self Aspects who live in glass psyches should never throw stones.

Just in time, I discovered on Jeff Rense's site ( an article about just this topic, which was first duked out and discussed between the church and scientists around the time of Descartes. At that time, it was agreed on both sides that science would explain things that could be analized with the five senses, and the church would get everything else.

With the decline of the church's power (you'll recall, it ruled every aspect of human live in the Western world throughout the Middle Ages), this Cartesian split has gradually come to be ignored, and someone proved scientifically -- scientifically -- the existence of life after death.

I will eventually read the entire article and I encourage you to do so as well, if this interests you.

What it means for those many people (like me) who have a cranial as well as philosophical Cartesian split: we can now reconcile our inner mystic with our inner scientist. Strip away all the Medieval church trappings and you get something provable by scientific means.

Posted by Tulameen at 1:11 PM PDT
Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Welcome to the Seventh Moon Eschatological Discourse Blog
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Topic: Am I dreaming or awake?
"You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?"

Yes, it's the feeling I had this morning in the middle of a dream.

I don't know exactly what this dream has to do with prophecy. There has been a lot of talk on the 'net connection UFOs with the end times; perhaps the connection is there. I have been overdue for a while now to have a prophecy or end times related dream.

Here it is. You decide.

The dream was set in a decaying and somewhat abandoned city that reminded me in some ways of St. Louis, except that it was covered in vines and tropical vegetation, like the ruins of Tikal or something.

It's a typical treasure-hunt dream and I'm following a guy in a long coat, I think he is a minister or something, over a bridge that crosses a highway (now also decayed and abandoned). I want to ask him something. I think he is a kind of MLK person, but not Dr. King.

I am about half way across the walk bridge when my dream is literally interrupted by the appearance of a UFO.

I look up and there it is in the sky - it zooms over my head and comes down a bit, hovering right over the other end of the walk bridge.

I say out loud, "Did you SEE that!!"

It is BEAUTIFUL!! Shiny and magnificiently crafted - I could tell that it was designed for aesthetic beauty in addition to functionality. It is a lovely bluish chrome, in a design that reminds me of a knot. I say to myself, I hope it is real -- then I realize, Aw, Shit, I'm dreaming! :-D (That's a first for me.)

The feeling that I got was (besides admiring its beauty) one of neutrality - the occupants were neither friendly nor hostile, just politely and respectfully curious.

The craft then lowers down toward the highway and I cross the bridge so I can get a better look. It is hovering a few feet off the pavement, and there are a number of emergency vehicles all around it, shooting at it with water hoses! I laugh my ass off. Then I get my camera with the zoom lens and take a bunch of pictures.

I looked around the internet for a picture of a UFO that resembles this craft but I haven't had any luck. If I do find a similar one, I'll post the link.

Posted by Tulameen at 10:16 AM PDT

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