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The Seventh Moon

" Even the end of the world is described as if it were only an exceptionally hot afternoon."
--Peter Mullen, Anglican priest
Ganymede, by Johanna Piererman,

The Seventh Moon:

The art on the left is called Ganymede, by Johanna Piererman. Ganymede is the seventh moon of Jupiter. In mythology, Ganymede was a Trojan boy of great beauty whom Zeus carried away to be cup bearer to the gods. This moon was discovered by Galileo and Marius in 1610.

Ganymede is the largest satellite in the solar system. It is larger in diameter than Mercury but only about half its mass. Ganymede is much larger than Pluto.

Ganymede's surface is a roughly equal mix of two types of terrain: very old, highly cratered dark regions), and somewhat younger (but still ancient) lighter regions marked with an extensive array of grooves and ridges (right). Their origin is clearly of a tectonic nature, but the details are unknown. (Heck, they look like tire tracks to me!) In this respect, Ganymede may be more similar to the Earth than either Venus or Mars (though there is no evidence of recent tectonic activity).

You can read more about Jupiter's Seventh Moon, Ganymede, here.


Here is our newly-redesigned Seventh Moon Website.

It's really an unveiling of sorts. After a long time with no updates, I 'm glad you've been patient and I'm sure the new site is worth the wait. Many of you already know that I've been out of the country for nearly two years. I was almost impossible to update the site during that time. Once I returned, I had a lot of catching up to do, not to mention working on my Ph.D. project.

On this site you will find many new things and the return of many old favorites. If you have any suggestions content - stories and articles - for the site, feel free to email me or post it on the forum.


There are different kinds of possession; this website and my research interest is in demonic possession.

I am currently collecting demonic possession stories as part of a pilot study. If you or someone you know has expereinced a possession episode and would like to share it, please write to me. All contributors will remain 100% anonymous.

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