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About Us

"I suspect that, if you should go to the end of the world, you would find somebody there going farther, as if just starting for home at sundown, and having a last word before he drove off.."
--Henry David Thoreau

About The Seventh Moon

Titan, Saturn's seventh moonThis is a safe, no-flaming place to discuss, learn about and study end times prophecy. This site is about understanding, studying and researching as many different sources of prophecy as possible. Seventh Moon does not advocate any particular religion as the “one true” religion or the “best” religion or the “only” religion, but honors all faiths. This site will avoid publishing anything derogatory or mean-spirited about any religion, faith, belief or idea.

This is also not the place to argue about religion, about the various tenets of religions, and so on.

This is about prophecy and end times. I will not discuss whether Mary should be honored as a saint or Jesus was a real person or whatever, so don't ask. I will also not discuss any further what I believe because that's not why I posted this website.

I believe that what you believe (your religion) is none of my business and vice versa.

I do encourage you to post your thoughts, questions and ideas on our message boards, and to respond to others' posts. Let's get a healthy discussion going, and perhaps we can all feel a little better about what's happening (if we're feeling a bit uneasy) or learn from each other's dreams and expertise.

The message boards are at

It May Be Bigger or Smaller Than We Realize

My personal feeling is that this whole thing is big --really big-- bigger than we think. We have pieces of the picture, but we haven't put them together yet. I suspect that, once we do have the whole picture, we're going to be very surprised. I suspect that all the “holy wars” over religion or over a chunk of dirt for the sake of religion, all the killing and maiming of people who belonged to the “wrong” faith, worshipped or were suspected of worshiping the wrong deity, all the religious and ethnic cleansing are going to be seen in their true light, and I suspect we're going to be VERY embarrassed (if we aren't already.)

I think that the world is not going to end. Yes, something is going to end and something else is going to begin, but this big blue marble will keep on spinning through space. Something very big is going to happen, however, and things aren't going to be like they have been. We haven't been given much of a glimpse of what lies beyond the “end” times, however.

Here's what I have been hearing:


About the author

I have chosen to stay anonymous for the most part. That is because I would like the focus to be on prophecy, not on me.

Here are a few things about me that might help you to understand the purpose of this site and why I created it. Maybe it will help you to trust me a little, too.

I am a late-in-life graduate student at a major, public, accredited university in the pacific northwest of the U.S. , studying an accepted subject (cultural anthropology).

I received my Masters Degree in this same subject at a major, private Midwestern university a number of years ago.

I have had interesting experiences throughout my life that are difficult to explain using ordinary science or understanding of how the universe works.

I still have these experiences today, mainly in the form of prophetic dreams and visions.

I am married to a person of a culture different from my own. We have no children just yet. He is as sensitive to spiritual things as I am.

I am very glad you found my website and I hope with all my heart it helps you find what you are seeking.

If you would like to communicate, please use the message boards here.

I also have an email address you can use. Just take out the "NO SPAM" from the middle: tulameen@NO Mention "seventh moon" in the subject line so your email doesn't get lost in the spam.



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