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Many people are reporting dreams and visions with apocalyptic, end times themes. A series of dreams and visions by the website author is presented here.

Dreams are presented in three cycles. The first two occurred between 2000 and 2002. The last cycle is the most recent, with a two-year hiatus in between, while I was out of the country. I had no prophecy-related dreams during that time.

Most recent dreams:Cycle 3

Cycle 1

The Coming Firestorm

February 19, 2000
A firestorm is coming. I am at a house on a hill with a view of the valley. We see it coming and the parents try to get us all into the car. The little boy doesn't want to go and refuses to get in the car. Finally the mother talks him into it. I get in the back; it's very small, a compact car. As we're driving, I can see the storm coming in the sky. We drive into the city. We are stopped, trying to make a left turn. Traffic seems to be normal, as if nothing were wrong. I hope silently that the family doesn't think they can escape the storm in the city. Then the woman says they came to get something they thought might help us.

Symbols in the Sky

January 31, 2001

Prelude: As I lay sleeping, two men were standing in my room, talking. I tried to awaken myself, but could not. I was only aware of being unable to move in my bed, unable to rouse myself, yet aware of the two men in my room.

"Should we wake her?" said the first one.
"No, let's let her sleep," said the second.

The Dream: I had to hurry, or I would miss my bus. It arrived at the bus stop at 11:44 AM exactly. I wanted to run, but my legs felt like lead. There was a gentleman with me, running beside and slightly behind me. He looked vaguely familiar, like a combination of several people I know.

When we arrived on the college campus, it was already growing dark, but it was the middle of the day. It was not an eclipse; we had a partial on Christmas Day, and we weren't expecting another one for a long time. My brother had said that it would be another 500 years before we had a solar eclipse on Christmas Day.

There was going to be a gathering in the quad in the center of campus later in the day, and preparations were already underway. A woman handed me an envelope; I could barely see it and her in the growing darkness.

"Your symbol is in there," she said. "It will indicate what you are meant to do."

I opened the envelope. Inside was a tiny plastic window cling in the shape of two Christmas bells (complete with bows and holly).

My mysterious friend and I walked down the quad, past the library. I looked up at the sky. It was as dark as midnight, and the sky was full of stars. Then I noticed that on the south side of the sky, up very high, among the stars, there were two long, luminous arrows. The arrows pointed north. One was orange, with a dotted line trailing the arrowhead. The other was shorter, a sea-green color, with a double line trailing the arrowhead.
Next to the arrows appeared a number of Native American petroglyphs. Many of them were abstract, but several were human figures.

"Hurry or we'll be late," said my friend. "There's no time to lose."
I looked at him. He wasn't looking at the sky.

"Did you see those figures in the sky?" I asked.
"What figures?"
"So you hadn't seen them."
"I guess no one saw them but me." He didn't respond.
"Maybe I'm hallucinating. Guess I'd better talk to my doctor."
I woke up from the dream knowing that time was very short.

Scouting Parties about to Appear

March 1, 2001
Last night, the Lady Clothed with the Sun appeared to me in a vision. She said that the scouting parties of the invading forces of darkness would be landing soon. They will look just like people. They will seem to appear suddenly out of thin air--actually, they're dimension or frequency jumping....

The only way we'll be able to tell them apart from humans is:

They will be wearing contact lenses to hide the true nature of their eyes. The Lady said they can't disguise their eyes any other way. Their eyes are very reptilian, an orange or yellow color mainly, with vertical pupils; and

Their behavior, manners and choice of words will be a little "off." You will have to pay attention to notice the little quirks.

The Lady said to lay low, try to remain unnoticed. The scouts are looking for people with the mark of Christ or God (the Holy One, however you express it) on their foreheads. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday in the Catholic Church, and a lot of people received this kind of mark. She said that even those who did not receive it yesterday but received it or any other sacrament (or bestowal of grace, however one's religious institution defines it; this, I think, can include baptism) in the past will bear this mark, which the scouts can see.*

There are a very large number of them, and even people in remote areas need to keep watch and lay low. If you want to survive the invasion, rather than being taken by the bad guys in the first volley, you need to do your best to remain unnoticed.

* I need to add here that there are many ways to be marked and different kinds of marks. Whatever your spiritual creed, be careful what kind of "mark" you accept, and from whom.


April 28, 2001
This is the first "wave" dream.
(Context note: The date of April 28 seems important for some reason.)

In this dream, I was with a large group of people in some kind of structure. I was out on a porch or something, and I looked out to the sea and saw a huge tsunami heading right for us. It was coming fast! I ran inside to warn everyone, but only a handful listened to me. I ran to an interior room, and began packing a bag full of food and some other things I thought I might need. I felt the wave hit; it knocked me to the floor. Then it was over. I could hear people shouting and crying. I grabbed a coat and worked my way back toward the exterior.

Someone was saying that the structure held up to the wave the way it was intended to, and expressed hope that it would survive whatever else was to come.

It was then that I realized the structure was a ship of some kind, like a modern Noah's ark.

Vision of Persecution

April 26, 2001
(I have to admit this was the most frightening and repulsive vision I have had to date.)

This vision occurred while I was awake, as I was driving down a country road. Along the road were tall telephone poles with what appeared in my vision to be human bodies hanging from them by the neck on long, dark ropes. They had been lynched, and left for all to see as a warning.

When I recovered from the shock, my conscious mind focused on the hangings again, and realized that it was just coils of rope or wire hanging from some new telephone poles that had recently been installed.

However, every time I looked at them, I saw human bodies hanged for their faith, for their refusal to worship the beast or accept the mark, or denounce His presence in the Host, or The Holy of Holies (or the Great Gods).

Mind Control is fairly long, and because it rambles, I think it represents a series of dreams rather than one long one. I've listed it alone because it is so long.

Three months after this dream, I got a job working for a newspaper called The Daily Messenger. At the time of the dream, which took place 2,500 miles away, I had no idea I would be working as a reporter. I stayed with the newspaper for a year.

Mind Control

May 13, 2001
[This was a long series of dreams and has been edited for brevity. The ellipsis (...) indicates an edit.]

Part I

In the first dream, the enemy was using biological weapons to sicken and kill as many people as they could, in order to reduce the population significantly and weaken the rest, to make it easier to conquer the country. The sick and dying were being loaded onto trains on a one-way trip to the end of their lives. I was walking up to the train station (it looked like a light rail station) wearing a long raincoat. The pavement was wet as if it had just stopped raining. I discovered the plot just in time, and had to run for my life.

Part II

...I saw a path that led away from where the people who had left the meeting hall had gone to sit. They were sitting on seats or bleachers in square enclosures, looking straight ahead. There wasn't anything there! They were blissfully gazing at a blank wall.

They all seemed happy and laughing, but I couldn't understand why they wanted to be there.

I slipped away on this rocky path, and it led me away from the conference area. It lead around the building and down toward the sea. No one even noticed that I had run away.

Part III

The next thing I remember is being with a group of escapees. We were all running for cover, away from a large group of people with guns.

Then we were flying as a group, without a plane. I guess it was our combined powers [or Divine grace!] that enabled us to fly. We were only able to get off the ground a few yards. We were flying across the sea, toward land, which rose up quickly on the other side. We thought we were going to crash into the hill, but we flew up the side quite a distance, just off the ground, before we hit. ...

At the top of the hill, the guy who was assuming the role of leader found a ticket, printed in bright colors, to a concert where his favorite band was playing. All the others cheered and ran back down the hill. I was too tired and I just wasn't interested. He tried to get me to go, but eventually he gave up and sat down next to me.

Part IV

The scene changed, and we (the escapees) were being attacked again. Troops in riot gear, carrying guns, were advancing on us. We were pinned down. My only escape was to fly over their heads, through the stone gates and out over the sea. I would rather drown than allow myself to be captured or shot by them. I jumped into the air, sailed over the top of the troops, through the stone gate, and out over the sea. There was a large rock (like an enormous haystack) out a short distance, but I couldn't get enough lift to get to the top of it. I figured I'd drown.

Then another escapee flew up next to me. He said there was enough lift to carry us to a safe place to land. This was due to some kind of magnetic field the enemy was generating for their own purposes. We flew around a corner and I saw the landing place he mentioned.

Part V

Next scene: I was back on the mainland. I had snuck up to the house and went inside. [I think it was my family's house]. No one was home. There were posters and placemats that were printed with warnings against allowing yourself to be deluded into thinking everything was normal and we were all in a state of bliss. It looked like the enemy was using mind control to blind people to reality, and make them think everything was fine--to addict them to TV, video games and movies. This was being used on the survivors of the biological weapons to make the invasion easier. I also saw prayers in the house, and copies of The Messenger [a Catholic newspaper]. I was moved by the effort these people were making to keep from falling for the delusions.


Shades of Night
"Shades of Night" by Salvador Dali

Cycle 2

A Shift in Time

Dream of July 24, 2001....
We came outside, and a group of people were watching something happening up the street...

...We looked, and crews were demolishing several old buildings. I turned to a guy standing next to me and said, "They were on the National Register of Historic Places, weren't they?"

"Yes," he said, "but nothing is sacred."
"Someone probably wants to build something there," I said. "Someone with money."

[part of the dream is missing here.]

We were aware that something bad was about to happen. We thought it was some kind of terrible disaster, like a global nuclear blast or something no one would survive. A wave was coming toward us that would have serious consequences. Some people gave up in despair, but many of us decided to try to survive. My friend and I, and a couple with a small child took some provisions and hid in a small cave under a rock.

The next morning, we came out. I was surprised to see a large crowd of people gathering around a makeshift kitchen. I was hoping to fill my thermos with tea when a friend offered me a cup. Someone asked what had happened. A thin woman with strange eyes--eyes she kept downcast-- said it was a temporal shift.
I guess instead of being killed, we were shifted into another time, or our time changed somehow. However it happened, we had entered another era.

I think in the former time zone, everything had been destroyed by the wave. Someone asked why we were preserved, and I said, "because of where we are, in this valley." I looked up toward the horizon, and noticed that we were in the four corners area, maybe on the Navajo reservation. There were mesas and rock formations that reminded me of the desert Southwest. It was a sacred place. I wondered: perhaps other sacred places were also preserved.

So I guess the guy was wrong: there are sacred things on the Earth, whether or not people recognize or honor them as such.

Sign in the Sun

There was a crowd milling around, like you might see at a shopping mall. A woman near me gasped and said, "Look at the sun!"

When I looked, there was what looked like a smoke ring around the sun. People began to notice and point.

"It came right out of that black spot," the woman said. I could see it, too -- a huge, black shape on the face of the sun, with something like smoke pouring out of it. The sun began spinning wildly, rotating on its axis.

"It's trying to spin that stuff off," someone said. It spun for a while, then slowed and eventually stopped.

A little while after it stopped spinning, the sun began to crack open, and a lot of smoke came out of the black spot. Then out of the smoke emerged a huge cross. As we checked our perceptions with each other, it was clear that some of us were seeing different symbols on the arms of the cross, while others were just seeing the cross.

The Invasion

February 13, 2002
There was fighting and shooting everywhere. I was in a house in a park-like setting. It was a large house and a woman lived there with her son.

I came outside and there were gunmen and snipers everywhere, running and chasing people.

A group of gunmen were coming this way and I ran with the crowd, but decided to turn left down a hill and behind some trees and bushes. The gunmen decided to follow the large crowd. I realized at that moment that this was a part of the end times.

I went back to the house when it was clear. Standing out front, I could see some strange movement in the overcast sky. Then I realized it was fireworks in the clouds. Or was it bombs bursting in air?

Tears in the fabric of reality

February 28, 2002
This was a vision-dream; I was somewhat awake for it, but had no conscious control over the content.

I was standing in a large lecture hall, defending my dissertation. There was a large group of people watching my presentation. I had video clips of Samoan dancing and I was introducing the clips, when suddenly I felt a breeze coming from behind me and blowing my hair.

Several people gasped, because there was nothing behind me that could have caused the breeze that continued to blow. The windows, all closed, were to my left, and the door was to my right.

I turned around, and there was a huge, gaping tear in the fabric of reality opening up right behind me! I could see inside just enough to realize that it was another dimension opening up. At that moment, one of my professors came up and said, “what in the heck is that?” I was surprised that he could see it.

“Help me close it,” I said, and we each grabbed the upper and lower portions of the tear and attempted to bring them back together. I didn't know if it would work — how can you “grab” reality? But it did. Then I tried to think of a way to keep it closed. I thought about quantum physics, and I decided to use my mind and visualization to “heal” the tear. It worked.

We let go and it seemed to stay closed.

“Now what?” he said.

I didn't want to continue my defense in a vulnerable space, so I said, “How about if I defend later, until we figure out what's going on?” He agreed and we dismissed everyone. It was apparent that some people could see what we were doing, while others were totally mystified.

Other tears were opening up all over the world. I contacted people I knew, and we discussed the problem. It appeared that the holes were only opening up in the vicinity of people the dark side considered a threat. Word was spread that anyone who had worked against the dark side should not be alone, and should not stay the same place for very long, but should get up and move every couple of minutes. That would make sleeping difficult, but if we caught a few winks while someone watched over us, we could probably manage.

I awoke before we solved the problem. I have had a terrible feeling of unease for several days after the dream (3/2/02).

Falling through the atmosphere

April 2002.
It may be significant that this dream occurred one year from the last “ship” dream. I include it here because of the “ship” connection, which I feel is important. As I write this (February 2003), I realize I'm due for either another "ship" dream or perhaps the culmination of whatever event this symbol represents and/or warns us of.

I was with a group of people. We were falling through the atmosphere, and had little hand-held parachutes to help slow our descent. We began to fall through this belt in the atmosphere in which clods of dirt were suspended. It called to mind the belts around Saturn.

I realized the rest of the group was falling faster and I would soon be left behind. I did what I could to try to speed up my descent, but I didn't want to let go of the parachute because once I got through the dirt belt, I would be freefalling
without it.

Meanwhile, the group was getting farther and farther away. I tried moving my hands in a pushing gesture, and it only increased my speed a little. I tried to hold my breath so I wouldn't breath in any dirt, but after a while I had to breathe.

Suddenly my feet landed on something with a thump. I looked around — I was on the wooden deck of a huge ship.

Workers turned to see what had made the noise. When they saw me, they smiled, a kind of “there you are — finally!” smile and went back to what they were doing.

NOTE: Later in the month, after this dream, while I was in Washington taking my prelims, my friend took me to the Healing Rooms in Spokane. One of the visionaries there told me that, while the group was praying over me, he had a vision of a ship rising out of a blueprint, and that it was relevant to me and my work on prophecy and the end times.


Cycle 3


June 16, 2006

There is a parade through town. It's a small, probably midwestern town but could be anywhere. It's main street and it's a very wide street with generous sidewalks. No one has parked on the street to make way for the parade.

All of the spectators - and there are many, many who turn out to see the parade - are sitting in the lotus position or half-lotus, on the sidewalks. They are all wearing creamy-pale yellow (almost white) colored robes, like Buddhist monks. The spectators are two and three rows deep along the parade route.

The parade is coming, and first is a triangular-shaped float that is only floating maybe a foot off the ground. There are a number of children - toddlers, mostly - sitting in a lotus or half-lotus on the float. They are wearing robes similar to those the spectators are wearing. At the front of the float are the two guests of honor. There is a boy on the right side of the float (this is the side nearest me, because the parade is moving from my left to my right) and a girl on the left. These children are about two, maybe three.

The boy is singing in a foreign language that I kind of get the gist of, but don't fully understand. He smiles at me and keeps singing. He has dark blond hair with a row of curls down the center of his head.

The girl is singing in English, but I can't remember what she is singing. But at one point, one of the spectators says to her, "shhsh, don't sing about getting high!" The girl laughs and keeps singing. She could easily be the twin sister of the boy; she has dark blond, curly hair down to her chin.

Behind them on the float, the other children are mainly silent, some have their eyes closed, many appear to be meditating. Only the last two or three kids, and these are older, are sitting there, looking unhappy and jealous, almost scowling. The boy nearest me, on the end of the float, is pouting obviously with his arms crossed in front of him. I get the impression that he thought he should be up front, not the two year olds. He is about ten or so.


We interrupt this dream.... (May 3, 2005)

We interrupt this dream...
May 5, 2005

IN A DECAYING and somewhat abandoned city reminiscent in some ways of a post-apocalyptic St. Louis, covered in vines and tropical vegetation, like the ruins of Tikal or something.

I'm following a guy in a long, black coat --I think he is a minister or something -- over this bridge that crosses a highway (now also decayed and abandoned). I wanted to ask him something.

I get about half way across the walk bridge when my dream is literally interrupted by the appearance of a UFO. I look up and there it is in the sky - it zooms over my head and comes down to hover over the other end of the walk bridge.

I shout, "Did you SEE that!!"

It is BEAUTIFUL!! Shiny and beautiful crafted - it was obviously designed for aesthetic beauty in addition to functionality. A beautiful bluish chrome, the design reminde me of a torus knot. I say to myself that I hope it is real-- Aw, Shit, I'm dreaming! The feeling that I got was (besides admiring its beauty) one of neutrality - the occupants were neither friendly nor hostile, just politely and respectfully curious.

The craft then lowers down toward the highway and I cross the bridge so I can get a better look. It is hovering a few feet off the pavement, and there are a number of emergency vehicles all around it, shooting at it with water hoses! I laugh my ass off. Then I get my camera with the zoom lens and take a bunch of pictures.

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